Psoriatic Arthritis – An Audit to ascertain how quality of service can be improved in Patients with PsA


Miss Donna Torrens (Rheumatology Nurse Specialist) Dr Adrian Pendleton (Rheumatology Lead Consultant)


Rheumatology Outpatients Department Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast


Services for Psoriatic Arthritis patients are few in number in comparison to those suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis. There has been so much focus on improving quality of services within the NHS this area needed to be addressed. The lead Consultant approached me and suggested an audit of services for Psoriatic Arthritis patients.


To identify aspects of care we could potentially improve for PsA patients.
To identify if there are trends between co-morbidities and Psychological aspects of PsA and to propose a Quality improvement project to address PsA needs.


Questionnaires were given to a random fifty-one patients with a diagnosis of Psoriatic Arthritis. Data was then collated by the Audit department and then presented at the monthly team audit meeting to present findings.


50% of PsA patient’s quality of life was moderately affected and 14% having an extreme effect on their quality of life.
20% found lack of sleep very significant and 29% moderately significant.

78% of patients wanted more education about complementary and alternative disease management strategies (exercise, stress reduction, dietary modification)
37% wanted more family/friend involvement in their care.
37% patients had depression, 24% obesity and 8% with hypertension and diabetes.


From the audit, it was found that 40% of Psoriatic patients would see their Specialist Nurse most often for the management of their care. This would be a prime opportunity to incorporate the WILD 5 Wellness programme, which improves mental wellness, social connectedness, conquers insomnia, tames depression and encourages exercise. Each of these interventions, which would aim to improve Psoriatic patient’s quality of life and physical health.